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The Collectors

The Collectors is a place-based investigation. Looking to the surrounding environment for inspiration; filming individuals on the train, in public squares, interacting with one and other and walking to and from work.

Created as a documentary style video experience this film seeks to exploit one’s understanding of nonverbal communication to carry the story through the art of editing. The movement score was developed through the manipulation of rhythmical structure, surface areas, spatial relationships and timing. This investigation looks deeper into the editing choices in each sequence, focusing on gestural and movement connections as well as the relationships between screens, quadrants and surface areas. 

Beyond the Frames

A Multidimensional Film Experience

by Karla Beltchenko and James Wilkie


Beyond the Frames uses multiple cameras, angles, and GIFs (graphics interchange format) to reveal the story the body carries. Each of our bodies has a unique blueprint that developes and changes over the years. Notions such as truth, experience, character, histroy, loss, success, dissapointment, and possibility attach themselves to our physical body and are communicated through our nonverbal cues. The animated GIF allowes us to stop and ponder a single moment in the stream that would otherwise zip by unnoticed. "Beyond the Frames" explores the act of seeing and being seen on a multidimensional level. It introduces an interactive relationship between the performers, space and spectators.  


Quiet Groove

Dancers: Josh Anderson & Karla Beltchenko

Choreography: Karla Beltchenko


Quiet Groove inspired by the silent barrier and protective shield that winter brings to the soul.  The movement navigates a line between playful and absurd while exploring the juxtaposing ideas of comfort and anxiety. The piece pays tribute to the music and movement of Motown. 

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