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Miss Beltchenko has designed a series of classes aimed to introduce body awareness and elegance to employees in the luxury service and hospitality  industry. Some of her recent Chicago based clients include Trump International Hotel and Tower, Two Michelin Star restaurants Sixteen and L2o, One Michelin star Everest. These classes focus on two types of energy the physical and psychological. Both of these areas are essential in encompassing full body awareness. Going beyond the usual training, Karla's classes provide the proper training to ensure your clients and guests have the best experience possible. The classes focus on body language with an emphasis on mind body connection; hand gestures, eye contact and energy flow through the body. 

Karla's current research in the contemporary dance sector is focusing on how the body carries a story; notions such as truth, experience, character, history, loss, success, disappointment and possibility attach themselves to our physical body and are subsequently communicated through our nonverbal cues. My research seeks to decode language of the body to create movement possibilities and events based on ones personal movement vocabulary. That is to say, referencing how the body remembers and therefore collects biological, kinesthetic, and observed information they can draw upon. 






Karla has a rich and varied dance background; this has allowed her to teach a variety of formats over the past 15 years. These formats include, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, creative movement and contemporary. Although very different, each of these formats has supported her personal practice, and style which ultimately has given her a unique voice in the educational dance community. 

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